Q: What is PuriPix?

A: PuriPix is an appli­ca­tion used to down­load your photo images taken from the Purikura machines.

Q: Should I down­load it?

A: YESSS! Why not? It’s free! and you can also receive 2 pho­tos of your choice send to your smart­phone for free!!

Q: Where can I down­load the app from?

A: You can down­load it from your Google Play Store (for Android) and your iTunes Store (for iPhone).

Q: Can I get my pho­tos send to me from all the machines?

A: No. Sorry, you can only send pho­tos to your smart­phone from the com­pat­i­ble machines that dis­play the PuriPix logo.

Q: How do I send the pho­tos?

A: It’s easy! Just select the option “Send to Cell­phone” when you are done dec­o­rat­ing your pho­tos and each per­son can select a photo of their choice! (so total 2 pho­tos!) Then open up your PuriPix app and enter the I.D num­bers on your photo sheet, press Ok, and save!.

Q: Will I still get my photo stick­ers printed out even if I chose ” Send to cellphone”?

A: Yes, of course!! you will need the 16 digit I.D num­bers printed on the sheets, to retrieve your pho­tos with the PuriPix app.

Q: Do I have to down­load the pho­tos right away?

A: No, you have 7 days from the time your pho­tos print out to do so. After 7 days, your I.D num­bers will be invalid and there is no way of down­load­ing it afterwards.

Q: Why is the rest of my photo images locked?

A: You only get to choose 1 photo each (so total 2 pho­tos) send to you for free. So make sure to choose 2 dif­fer­ent pho­tos. If not, you will only receive one photo even though there is 2 dif­fer­ent I.D num­bers. But you can buy ALL photo images that is locked for ONLY $0.99 through your PurPix app!! Yes, all of it!!

Q: Where is my pho­tos saved to after I down­load it and save it?

A: All pho­tos is auto­mat­i­cally saved in your gallery inside the PuriPix folder (for Android) and in your cam­era role (for iphone)

Q: What if I am hav­ing prob­lems with down­load­ing my pho­tos or have a question?

A: Feel free to con­tact our PuriPix Sup­port Cen­ter any­time @